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CommerceUp Online Store

Get experts help in launching your unique designed ecommerce store with advanced features.

Design Components


Curated Apps

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Configurable Website

Let us help you with designing your unique store and cover all needs which are required to setup a competitive ecommerce store in less time.

✔ Integrated Progressive web app

✔ Fully tailor made customization possible

✔ Advanced Search

✔ Integrated Blogs

✔ Advanced SEO

✔ Optimized Image across devices

✔ Multi Lingual, Multi Store, Multi Seller support

Mobile First (PWA + Native Apps)

Many retailers assume that responsive web design is the best way to optimize their website for mobile. But in reality, using responsive on it’s own simply reflows content from one device to another. It ignores the expectations of today’s mobile customer for fast speeds, app-like experiences, and the latest features available on their device. PWA enables all aboves expectations

CommmerceUp is one of very few ecommerce platform to provide native experience in mobile. While designing you can upload creatives for desktop and mobile separately to provide enhanced experience on mobile

Third party integrations

Third party integrations permits you to develop the custom application.

✔ Chat Integrations

✔ ERP Integrations

✔ Shipment Integrations

✔ Payment Gateway Integrations

✔ SMS Gateway Integrations

Offers and Sales

Integrated with multiple offers and discount engines running on different rules.

✔ Discount Coupon Engine

✔ Sales Engine (Run bulk discounts on multiple products or categories)

✔ Advanced Offers (Buy this and Get this)

✔ Affiliate marketing engine (Coming soon)

✔ Integrated Email & SMS Marketing (Coming Soon)

Hosting + Servers

While you focus on your core competencies,leave the technology to us. CommerceUp architecture if powered by Amazon Web Services, Focused to provide 99.8% uptime for your store. Pay as you use features enables unlimited scale for your store without worrying about maintenance of servers.

Craft your perfect online store

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Progressive web apps

Deliver app-like experience to customers on website

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Fully Customizable

Customization is possible end to end to give your store enterprise experience

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SSL Enabled

Integrated secure layers on website

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Blue & Green Deployment

Any changes happens in real time on live website without any maintenance downtime

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Faceted Search

Advanced and robust elastic search enables ease of navigation

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Advanced SEO Enabled

On page advanced SEO is integrated on the website

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B2C Cart & Checkout

All integrated functionalities required for B2C ecommerce website

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Landing Pages

Design and launch responsive pages without the need for technical resources.

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CDN Delivery

Cloud delivery network enables fast experience for customers in rendering

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Image Optimization

Image storage, processing and optimization for all of the image assets used to build the shopping experience.

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Customer Reviews

Let customers review your products and moderate them.

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Social Media Login

Let your customers login with Google, Facebook & Apple with ease

Integrate industry specific Add Ons

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Shipping Slots

Customers can choose shipping slots for delivery time, specially used in grocery.

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Gift Wrap

Offer your customers a feature to add gift wrap at the time of checkout

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Product Customizer

Do you have products with personalization and need inputs from customers while buying?

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Geo location shipment

Get your customers location on map while saving the address for hyperlocal delivery

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Notify Me

Items are out of stock and want your customers to get notified?

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Widely used functionality in grocery ecommerce stores

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Multi Lingual Store

Turn your store in multilingual with RTL Support (Arabic)

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Multi Currency Store

Globalize your ecommerce store with currency conversion