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Make mobile commerce
solution seamless

Mobile commerce is dominating and will continue to dominate over half of the global sales made on any eCommerce space. It is expected to hit $4.10 trillion USD by 2023.

Mobile apps


Post Covid, 49% of the online sales in 2020 happened on mobile?

Mobile commerce channels have potential for endless revenue. It puts the ability to make purchases right in the consumer's pocket and follows them wherever they go.

Getting the commerce experience right is the key to winning in the competitive arena. When your ads are running on instagram, facebook, people are most likely to click on your ads through mobile devices which can be a possible factor to convert sales if you have a mobile commerce solution.

Why Mobile Apps?

Easy to access, Loyal customer base

Convenient online shopping With Commerceup's fully customised e-commerce platform,
get a mobile app for your business and make it easily accessible.

Bring your business into mobile
market with no efforts
Unified shopping experience to
boost sales
Modern mobile experience that
increases customer engagement

Mobile first experience

Hybrid mobile & progressive
web app (PWAs’) made easy
with CommerceUp

  • Modern workflow and efficient development
  • Loading time is lower due to screen optimization
  • Future-Proof approach due to PWA support to switch to hybrid App
  • Personalized experience for better checkout
hybrid apps
86 %

Of all retails eCommerce is mobile in 2022 (58.9% in 2017)


Of all eCommerce transactions will be by mobile by 2025 ($492b in sales)


Of Indian online shoppers use mobile device (2022)


Drive Engagement with your customers with
the most effective mobile solutions

Take advantage of Mobile-First Approach and with screen optimization, reach
your audience faster. No matter where your audience is, with App like visibility,
help them increase to get a better purchase experience.

Progressive Web Apps

Build a single app that works across all platforms and devices.

Run special offers and promotions

Market your products by running offers and promotions only on the app.

Refer and Earn

Refer your friends to join the store and get additional points in the wallet.


Reorder items on a monthly or weekly basis with ease.

GeoLocation shipment

Get the customer's location on map and make the delivery process easy.

Shipping slots

Select delivery time slots based on your availability.

Abandon Cart Mailer

Send emails with offers/ special discounts for items left added in cart for long

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Simplify the online shopping experience
and track customer's behaviour with an exclusive, tailor made mobile app for your store.