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Commerceup vs Magento

Looking for smart alternative to magento? Growing brands choose ecommerce platform which provides unified solution with built in features and no transaction fees.

There is no denying that Magento has earned their place as one of the top of ecommerce stack. But if you narrow it down its hard to tell if magento fits the best platform for you. If you are looking to just make an online presence by saying that you have a website, Commerceup might not be right fit for you. Commerceup is built for brands which are willing to grow and looking forward for a reliable technology partner. We provide flexibility with cost savings, low maintenance of SaaS.

Brands are moving from Open Source to Open SaaS Platforms. New technology, higher customer expectations and increased competition are expanding the boundaries of what’s possible in ecommerce.New technology, higher customer expectations and increased competition are expanding the boundaries of what’s possible in ecommerce. Brands need flexible tech that allows them to adapt quickly.

Faster to launch

Commerceup stores come with pre integrated solutions, features and add ons which enables you to focus on scaling up your current ecommerce business. You can migrate your magento store in 3-5 weeks with ease. As commerceup comes with pre integrated solutions, You do not need to wait for months for developers to choose and integrate plugins. This saves your time to go to market and gives you advantage to be on top with your competitors.

Mobile First Platform

Merchants often asks if my website is mobile friendly or mobile responsive. According to statsitics more than 70% of your sales are happening on mobiles. Commerceup platform is designed to build Progressive web apps with single page architecture which gives apps like experience on your mobile web. Moreover you don't need any external plugin to enable the same. You can also keep separate designs for mobile and desktop for our enterprise customers.

Next Generation Tech Stack

We do not compromise with technolgy and always upgrade our technology to latest. Our backend works with Node and Frontend works with Angular 9 and PWA support. We use AWS services for scalable architecture to not to see any downtime. Our platform is based on micro services api architecture to allow any kind of customized integration for enterprises.

Fully hosted and managed infrastructure

Commerceup stores comes with fully managed hosting support. All upgrades happen as green and blue deployment with no downtime. All stores come with pre integrated transactional emails, payment gateways, shipment gateways which saves alot of time for go to market features.


Security is always on top of mind for brands. With Commerceup you need not to worry about security as commerceup keeps patching up security loopholes as one platform. You need to focus on core competencies and leave technology to us.

Low Maintenance

You no longer need army of developers to manage and maintain your store. Commerceup comes with easy to use platform and with hassle free automatic updates and upgrades, So you always have access to latest features and can focus on generating more sales.

Built For Unique Business Needs

Every business has their different needs. Technology should not drive the business but business should drive technology. We have created few industry specific add ons which are only related to particular industry. For ex : Shipping slots in grocery, Gift wrapping in luxury goods and much more.

Ready For Global Ecommerce

Your store should not be limited to one demographics. With our inbuilt support you can create a multi lingual and multi currency store. Provide your customers a complete arabic supported store with multiple currency options.

Supports over 50 types of discounts out of the box

Merchants often are dependent on third party apps for running discounts, sales engine. First you need to pay for separate plugins and then dig in what works best for you. Commerceup provides in built promotions engine to support advanced promotions such as Buy this get This offers on product, category and brands. Commerceup also offers

Inbuilt Mobile Apps Support

Why to keep separate website developers and mobile apps developers. Why to not to be present everywhere and manage your orders at one place. Commerceup provides in built support to develop and distribute ios and android apps for your store.

Best in class SEO features

If your SEO team asks, If commerceup platform supports on page SEO deeply with products, collections, categories, brands, blogs and other pages then the answer is yes. Commerceup with its inbuilt SEO manager supports best in class SEO with ease of updating details from platform.

Not limited to themes

Your business has a USP and it should reflect in unique way. Why to limit your store into particular themes when you can have your own customized unique store in the same time. We work on widges/sections. Combinations of 100s of widgets can lead upto 500s of different themes of stores. This number is continuously changing as we are updating new stores.

Highly scalable

Often worried about, My website is going to be slow if i keep on adding plugins. No worries with highly scalable aws architecture.


Email or phone support is not good enough for you, Looking for dedicated account manager support. Here you get a dedicated account manager support and that too not at the price of Magento plus.

Pricing Overview

**This is just a rough estimate on basis of scalable business to run on different platforms with required integrations and a good traffic.

Magento Open SourceCommerceUp Enterprise
Average Build Cost$50K - $200K$10K - $60k
Average annual hosting feesHosted by your developers$12K - $25k
Average annual maintenance retainer Technical team salaries$12K - $20K
App Costs (Avg Uses for basic integrations)Plugins Purchase on demandOn Demand or Pre integrated
First Year Commerce Cost$80K - $500K$25K - $100K

Native Features

Magento Open SourceCommerceUp Enterprise
Native Product TypesSimple & Configurable, Bundle, VirtualSimple, Configurable & Variants
Product AttributesAdvanced product attribute management with separate images, pricing and details needed to update
Mobile AppsThirdparty supportFull support of native mobile apps
SEOFar more flexible around SEO and allows for heavy customisationSupport on all pages and product with easy support with commerceup seo manager
Faceted Search-
Advanced Marketing Tools-
WYSIWYG Page Builder-
Integrated Blog-
LocalizationManual localizationInbuilt localization with manual + automatic conversion
Multi Vendor SupportAdditional ModuleInbuilt support with add on
Complete API-
Implementation time6-8 Months1-3 Months

Hosted Cloud

Magento Open SourceCommerceUp Enterprise
Optimized Cloud Commerce for Magento-
Global Availability-
Fast Page Loading with Content Delivery Network (CDN)-
Enhanced Security with Integrated SSL-
Easy deployment-
Streamlined updates and testing-


Magento OpenSourceCommerceUp Enterprise
Email SupportSelf-support: With Open Source and solely depends on you and your developer
Dedicated Account Manager Support-
Whatsapp/Phone Support-