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Self Hosted Solution by

Self-hosted cloud-native applications allow for faster
development and better scalability and maintainability


What is self hosted white label solution?

why commerceup


  • This is executed by benefiting from microservices and APIs, and because they're free from on-premise software lock-in and reliance on developer maintenance.

  • We believe in a fast pace of growth, requirements, and frequent sales planning. You need an independent isolated environment architecture and databases and other services shall not be shared with other clients. This will help to not limit the scale in future and can be independently scale or make changes in architecture.

  • We do not want our merchants' growth to be limited because of  technical architecture limitations and that's why we felt the need of introducing another platform for hosting your e-commerce in your own cloud.

Scale automatically as you grow

The self-hosted cloud solution gives you access to far more computing resources and power than a traditional hosted solution, whether that's automatic scaling or geographic reach. Independent self-hosted solution scales to ensure you can continually deliver great customer experiences.

Migrating to Self-hosted Cloud

The migration journey is seamless, CommerceUp architecture enables digital transformation for all industries.

Stay flexible with seamless scalability

The cloud offers new-found flexibility, ease of deployment, and reduced overhead for businesses.

But there are still important reasons why certain companies need to host and run applications themselves.

The primary reason is data security, especially for businesses operating in highly regulated industries like banking.

If you're one of those companies, then we make it as easy as possible for you to deploy and run a version of on your own servers, behind your firewall.

What's more, you'll retain access to all of the product updates we make, as well as support from our team.