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Platform Features

Catalog Management

Add Categories

Create a category and add sub categories as well. You can add images to category as well to show in store. You can choose which category you want to show and which not.

Reorder Categories

Reorder all categories in multi level hierarchy easily.

Add Products

You can add products in bulk or individually in few clicks.

Add Variants

Add any number of attributes for your product like size, color, shape, weight, SKU, stock level and other details easily on every product page. This will help you customer to make quick purchase and reduce dropped cart.

Advanced Product Filters

With advanced product filters, let your customers filter on any product specification like size, color, style, size, fabric, pattern, capacity, etc. to find that perfect products in just few clicks.

Add to Wishlist

’Add to Wishlist’ feature allows your customer to create a list of products which they like but do not buy at that time. You can use this list afterwards to offer discounts and persuade them to buy products.

Set Price As Per Option

Easily set different price for same product but different options. So, as soon as your customer chooses size ​XL​for a particular product, then the price of the product will change automatically.

Bulk Import

Import bulk products at once using local CSV, Google Spreadsheets or JSON file. Upload bulk images of related products with Media manager.

Manage Collections

Add products in collections to show your products in the way you want, These are manual collection of products curated by you.

Manage Attributes

Add any number of attributes for your product like size, color, shape, weight, SKU,

Manage Brands

Manage multiple brands of products and create separate brand page to show only brand listed products.

Build and Design

A Complete Ecommerce Platform

From designing a store to publishing it on App and Web. Managing all the orders, sales and customers. Shipment and getting payment. Everything at one place.

Personalize your store

Give your own branding to your store, Have mobile apps and web with your design logos and color themes.

Manage Menus and Designs

Manage menus for categories and static pages for Desktop web as well as Mobile Apps differently. Choose from multiple navigation design and apply what suites for your business.

Manage Toolbar and Footer Content

Customize your toolbar and footer content of your store, Create static pages and assign them in footer with your store address, App and Social links.

Manage Home

First impression is what matters in case of e-commerce, Customize your home as per what you want to showcase. With multiple options and multiple layout you can customize your home which gives clear view of what are you selling.

No Coding Skills Required

Customizing home does not need any developers, CommerceUp dashboard is designed in such way that anyone can change the themes and customize it without any coding skills.

Design Templates

To help you with designs, There are already predefined templates which you can use in your store to give it a feel and get your store ready in few minutes.

Store Management

Manage Menus

Navigations are pretty important in any e-commerce, You can manage multiple menus for desktop and Mobile according to usage, And just manage it from single dashboard, You are managing your websites and apps from one single place now.

Manage Pages

Create static pages and link it to menu or homescreen or footer content. Mainly used for about us, policies, Terms and conditions etc.

Social Login

Login with facebook and Google, Just fill the required details needed for social login and it will be implemented across platforms.


Use google analytics in your storefront.


Sending notifications has never been easy than this, You can start sending notifications to across devices from same dashboard.

Facebook Pixel Tracking

When you run any Facebook ad campaign, this is surely your marketing team will require, Easily implement facebook pixel id to track your campaign.

SEO Support

SEO is enabled easily with CommerceUp, Basic SEO is already implemented in CommerceUp websites, But you can anytime override it to get best results.

Store Activity Dashboard

Get a glimpse of how your store is doing on one single dashboard. Track your low stock inventory, Top customers and Top products which are selling.

Payment Gateway

Choose from multiple gateway to integrate on your e-Commerce Store

PayU Integration

PayTm Integration

CASH on Delivery Integration

Verify your order and prompt your customers to enter a unique code, sent via SMS, for Cash on Delivery checkout.


Add gst on product and add it to your order invoices.

If you have any other payment gateways, We can integrate it on demand.

Shipment Management

We have integrated shipment partner as Delhivery currently, Commerceup is continuously working with other delhivery partner.

Process Orders Easily

Apply Shipping Rules

Decide whether you want to provide free shipping or charge for it, based on various factors like product weight, order price, delivery zone, etc. Apply these rules easily using your KartRocket admin panel.

Sales & Marketing

Create Coupon for clients

Get access to a full coupon engine and generate a custom discount code (monetary or percentage)

Send Push Notifications

Send push notifications to your users with specific to platform or user groups.

Mobile Commerce Management

We are working on CommerceUp Publisher app so that you can manage your store on your mobile devices.

Web and App Hosting

Progressive Web App

Create your fast and responsive website, which is a progressive web app for fast and enhanced user experience.

AMP Pages

Link your Google AMP pages to increase better search results and experience on Google Search.

Domain Management

Load your website on your own custom domain with just few steps.

Apps Hosting

If you currently don’t have Developer account, Commerceup helps to host your mobile apps on your behalf.

You upload your inventory, Let us do the rest.