Magento Commerce and Shopify Plus are two most mainstream mid-market eCommerce platforms in the world – with both offering very different feature-sets and propositions to brands and retailers.

Pricing Overview

**This is just a rough estimate on basis of scalable business to run on different platforms with required integrations and a good traffic.

Magento Open SourceMagento Commerce (Cloud)Shopify PlusCommerceUp
Average Build Cost$50K - $200K$100K - $500K$60K - $250K$10K - $60k
Average annual hosting feesHosted by your developers$24K - $48K$24K + 0.25% transaction fees$12K - $25k
Average annual maintenance retainer Technical team salaries$24K - $72KAgencies Dependant$12K - $20K
BAU Development Cost-$36K - $120$36K - $80K-
App Costs (Avg Uses for basic integrations)Plugins Purchase on demandPlugins Purchase on demand$6K - $12KOn Demand or Pre integrated
First Year Commerce Cost$80K - $500K$264K - $820K$123K - $287K$25K - $100K

Native Features

Magento Open SourceMagento Commerce (Cloud)Shopify PlusCommerceUp
Native Product TypesSimple & Configurable, Bundle, VirtualSimple & Configurable, Bundle, VirtualSimple & ConfigurableSimple, Configurable & Variants
Product AttributesShopify uses tags and metafields instead of product attributes and this represents a bit of a different way of working. Advanced product attribute management with separate images, pricing and details needed to update
Mobile AppsThirdparty supportThirdparty supportThirdparty AppsFull support of native mobile apps
SEOFar more flexible around SEO and allows for heavy customisationFar more flexible around SEO and allows for heavy customisationShopify is very locked down around SEO, although it is relatively strong in places. Shopify doesn’t allow for editing of the robots.txt fileSupport on all pages and product with easy support with commerceup seo manager
Faceted Search-
Advanced Marketing Tools--
WYSIWYG Page Builder-
Integrated Blog--
LocalizationManual localizationManual localizationNo proper localization support, reliable on third party appsInbuilt localization with manual + automatic conversion
Multi Vendor SupportAdditional ModuleAdditional ModuleAdd on AppsInbuilt support with add on
Complete API--
Implementation time6-8 Months4-6 Months2-4 Months1-3 Months

Hosted Cloud

Magento Open SourceMagento Commerce (Cloud)Shopify PlusCommerceUp
Optimized Cloud Commerce for Magento-
Global Availability-
Fast Page Loading with Content Delivery Network (CDN)-
Enhanced Security with Integrated SSL-
Easy deployment-
Streamlined updates and testing-


Magento OpenSourceMagento Commerce (Cloud)Shopify PlusCommerceUp
Email SupportSelf-support: With Open Source and solely depends on you and your developer
Dedicated Account Manager Support-
Whatsapp/Phone Support-